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Hello I’m Cryptogenik and firstly THANK YOU BITCOIN COMMUNITY!

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I am both honored and proud to be a part of the future that will forever change the direction of humanity. I’ve witnessed some of the greatest moments in crypto’s history and I want to share it by creating crypto documentaries.

I’m a Crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin Maximalist and an all around guy rooted in logic and truth. I like to take dense subject matted and distill it into something everyone can enjoy. I started my Journey into Bitcoin in 2013 mining for BTC on using their cool GUI client. From there I started buying Video cards on craigslist to mine, and then switched to litecoin. After the latest crypto-boom I’ve decided to try to help more people new to crypto. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and I’ve pretty much seen it all. From IOTA’s sabotage by it’s own creator to Max Keiser’s scam coin “Maxcoin” I will keep you informed and help newcomers see the truth.

Thank you again for still reading! I intend to use Pateron to help me educate everyone about the world of Crypto. I require funding to finish my studio so I can create quality videos such as my series called “Moments in Crypto” where I take milestones or major events in crypto and create episodic documentary style videos for my Patrons. I have a  LONG list of episodes to create and intend on creating them weekly.

Also I am going to create a Livestream talk show where I invite other members of the Crypto Nation to come and ask questions and give interviews. You can purchase items directly off my Amazon wishlist for the Studio and I will write YOUR name on the item for everyone watching my stream to see, so first come first served! As I get enough items I will removed them from my wishlist.

So follow me on this adventure into the World of Crypto! I can’t wait to meet you!

TL;DR – Great Crypto community with very minimal referral links. Supported via Patron and Amazon Links to support community and suppress shilling. Shilling here is NOT ALLOWED or TOLERATED. We’re all here for knowledge exchange because the crypto section is way too big for any 1 person to know everything. No one can buy our opinion for any price! Anyone who tries, will be exposed and slammed HARD!

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